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How to get discount on Aakash Tab for Students

How to get aakash tab for students

As akash Tablet is manufactured to be useful for students in the India. The commercial versions of Aakash can be booked and buy from the official Aakash tab website. The commercial version of Aakash is cots 2500/- for Aakash and 2999/- for Aakash 2 (Ubi). So as per the government declaration the students Read more [...]

How to Get Free 50GB Cloud storage to LG users for storing files

Free cloud storage

The cloud computing is increasing day by the. Cloud storage is another is one family member of cloud computing. Cloud storage is network where third party companies host the data and they are interconnected. That is a hosting company proving unlimited data storage. But this is not possible Read more [...]

Mumbai MTNL stated two New UNLIMITED Broadband plans with Rent free landline

mtnl broadband plans

MTNL raked in India for 2nd for broadband services. They offer most flexible and efficient broadband unlimited plans in Mumbai and Delhi. They are much better than as that of BSNL broadband which is in rest of India   The best thing with MTNL is that they are offering free rent free landline Read more [...]

Techculer April 2012 giveaway iPhone 4


Techculer is my favorite website . I usually check the daily gadgets reviews on it. This website giving aways gifts for readers every month.   This month April 2012 they are giving Apple iPhone 4.   To win the iPhone just go here:    http://www.techcular.com/iphone-4s-giveaway/   login Read more [...]