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Now Fast charging feature is ready in Sony

Xperia is Sony’s brand and now a days sony market is raising up slowly after they start using the Android OS in their mobile phones.

how xperia s is fast battery charging


The Sony Xperia S is now upcoming phone from Sony. It is rumors to have the following new two fetures in the mobile market:

1)      Very fast battery charging:

This is exclusive feature that Xperia is willing to provide in the phone. This feature let you to charge your battery in very less time than any other phone in the market till now. The battery time will be redure to approximately half and a 10 minutes charging will give the energy which will be equivalent to 1 hour battery charging.


Disadvantage of fast charging feature:

According to experts the life of battery will be reduce due to fast charging but it does not mean it is bad. Let we see how the Sony will manage this disadvantage.


2)      Sunlight-Activated coating:

This is another feature is being provided in this device. This will repel the dirt and other strain forming material. This is more advantages feature.

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