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Now Blogspot Changed .com to country specific domain like .in for India

Blogspot is a product of Google. It is a free service for people across the world and it offering free blog.


Form today the Google made the old yourdomain.blogspot.com domain to a country specific domain. That is if the blog is from India then its address will be ad name.blogspot.in


  • What happened if I type mydomain.blogspot.com and enter?

It will automatically redirects you to yourdomain.blogspot.in (For Indian blogger user. )

Similarly if you are from another country, like UK than .co.uk etc.


  • Disadvantage of this to bloggers:

Decrease in blog traffic:

There is no problem with organic visitors – visitors from Google search but another visitors may get affected because of this.

Also the country specific domain is less visible in the search engine at other country other than its home country so it may lead to decrease in the traffic.


If your blog is getting less traffic due to this change then inform us by commenting here.

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  1. Indeed this has affected the traffic BIG time :-(

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