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How to get discount on Aakash Tab for Students

As akash Tablet is manufactured to be useful for students in the India. The commercial versions of Aakash can be booked and buy from the official Aakash tab website.
How to get aakash tab for students

The commercial version of Aakash is cots 2500/- for Aakash and 2999/- for Aakash 2 (Ubi). So as per the government declaration the students will get Aakash at 50% discount. That is it will cost 23$ and approximately 1100/- Indian rupees.


How to apply for concession in Aakash?

To get Aakash at 23$ the condition is that you should be a student. The student versions of Aakash tab will be given by the college. There are more than 25000 Aakash tablets are received at Mumbai university for distribute to students. So the college has responsibility to make list of students who are interested in the TAB and then send it to university for the next process.

You don’t need to do just ask your college authority about the same and they will get information that when the Aakash tab will be available.


Important note: The student version of Aakash tab is limited in some ways. It doesn’t have any SIM card slot and you cannot use GPRS. Only the way to use the internet is Wi-Fi.

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