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Best software to connect your computer with remote client’s computer with Techinline desktop program

Today I am going to present you best Remote Desktop software by which you can connect your computer to any other computer in the world. Off course with security. You can share your desktop or take control of anyone’s desktop just in few clicks. The name of software is Techinline remote desktop application.

Some features of this software:

  • Send instant message to the connected client computer
  • Make connection in just few clicks
  • Can be use without installation.
  • It has Mozilla Firefox add-on
  • Many features like reboot client’s computer and reestablish the connection after it.
  • File transfer
  • Copy text from clipboard
  • Better reporting tool


How it works actually?

Open web browser and point the address bar to URL: http://www.tekinline.net/ it will ask you to install the adds on, click allow and now login there with your username and password. After login you will get the unique access code. Send that access code to the client or friend who wishes to connect you. After he enters the code you can connect your computers to each others.

How to download it?

It is available for 15 days free trial and after that you can purchase it. Go to http://www.techinline.com for more details.


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  1. Michael Clark says:

    Good post regarding Techinline Remote desktop software. In addition to it, one can even consider deploying on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com or Bomgar appliances in order to remotely access computers from anywhere.

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