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Best and Top 3 android phones in the Beginning of 2012

Android is operating system from Google and now it is speeding all over world. Common people started thinking about android. Each and everyone want android.

According to user response the Android phones that are most popular and most demanded android phones till 2012. And we can assume that they are the best Top 5 android phones in 2012.


The list is as follow:

1)      Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Is a fine looking device having great black texture and more comfort for handling. It has following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Very fast internet with 4G ready
  • Best experience in operating Ice cream sandwich.
  • Best slim design.


  • Camera is not too good .
  • No expandable memory.


2)      Samsung Epic Touch 4G


Samsung Epic Touch 4G is larger than the previous mobile phones in this series.


  • Brighter and clearer display.
  •  Best camera.
  • Very high performance.


  • Plastic body.
  • Lots of preloaded apps that some of them are less useful.



3)      HTC Evo 3D

The HTC Evo 3D is third rank android phone. The most important and user demanded feature of this phone is 3D display. We don’t need to use any glasses to see the images and video on its screen. It has special parallax barriers to display 3D images and video.



  • Good design
  • Dual core processor


  • Uneven call quality.

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